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Manufacture, Women Entrepreneurship

Laboratorios LAVET S.R.L. is an Argentine company whose origin dates back to the beginning of 1982, when it entered the market with products destined for small animals containing active ingredients hitherto unused and which were demanded every day by veterinary colleagues. Today, they remain drugs of choice for their undisputed quality and effectiveness.

At the same time, and in view of the great virulence of new diseases affecting bee production, we decided to start the research of active principles and its application form for the treatment of Varroasis. Thus emerges the product with which we obtained the Patent of Invention internationally recognized, which allowed us to export our products to other countries generating a change in approach and sanitary management of bee diseases.

With so many new challenges and more than 40 products registered for different animal species, we adapted each new stage of development, with advanced techniques and equipment. We work under strict quality standards and operating procedures standardized according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Since 2006 we were pioneers in research and clinical application of biotechnology based on stem cells in veterinary medicine.

We want to connect with potential new markets for both veterinary pharmacological products and apicultural and development of biotechnological and veterinary regenerative medicine projects.

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